The Cooks’ Shed own breads, sauces and products

Choose from our range of house-made products including our famous breads. Please call 01394 446019 or email to order.

White sourdough £4.50​

Tidemill wholemeal sourdough £4.50

Seeded whole rye dark sourdough loaf £4.50

5 flatbreads £5.00

Fava bean hummus (200ml) £5.50

Beetroot borani (200ml) £5.50

Burnt aubergine & red pepper (200ml) £5.50

House yoghurt (200ml) £2.50

House labneh (200g) £5.50

Tomato reduction (500ml) £8.50

Dry goods (bring your own packaging)

British fava beans 500g £1.75

Smoked Essex quinoa 300g £3.50