You can order any of these drinks to go with your takeaway food or by themselves. Please order as for food. Alcohol currently only available for delivery.

Wine (750ml)


Viognier Gatigne  £9.50


Rioja Rose Altillo £8.50


Domaine Cassagnau Pinot Noir £12.00

Château Robin Lussac Saint Emillion £18.00


Wolfberger Cremant D'Alsace £15.00

Ayala Champagne £30.00

Beer & Cider

Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale (330ml can) £2.40

Adnams Dry Hopped Lager (330ml can) £2.40

Adnams New England IPA (330ml bottle) £3.50

Adnams Ease Up IPA (500ml bottle) £2.85

Adnams Wild Wave Cider (330ml can) £3.50

Soft Drinks

Cochel Opal Apple Juice 750ml £4.80

Cochel Apple Juice (Opal, Braeburn, Braeburn & Pear) 240 ml £2.80

Fentimans Ginger Beer £3.00

LA Kombucha 300ml/330ml Strawberry/Ginger/Citrus/Lemongrass £3.50

Coke Zero £2.25