Roast packs

A complete and sumptuous roast dinner, cooked from scratch, ready to eat or to heat at home and serve 4 or more people.

Available for Friday and Saturday collection. Please call 01394 446019 or email to arrange or discuss.

Orders required 24 hours in advance.

Roast duck, sauerkraut, butter beans, mash, greens, Gewurztraminer jus £60.00 (gf)

Roast pork belly, caramelised fennel, roast potatoes, greens, cider jus £55.00 (gf)

Porter-braised whole lamb shoulder, prune and sage crust, dauphinoise potatoes, greens, jus £65.00 (gf)


Group or family meals

Spinach & feta borek, mezze, flatbreads £45.00 (v)

add merguez sausages £3.00 per pair


Pumpkin and chestnut filo pie, char-grilled pickled pears, smoked quinoa salad £55.00 (pb) add feta sauce £60.00 (v)